Torah Class — Open to the Community

Rabbi Yerachmiel Seplowitz delivers a Wednesday Night Chumash Class at FountainView that is open to members of the community.  Drawing upon the rich traditional sources of the Midrash, Talmud, and Commentaries, Rabbi Seplowitz presents a thought-provoking and challenging analysis of the Torah and its applications to life. 

(Click here to read Rabbi Seplowitz’s blog on the weekly Parsha.) 

We use the English translated Stone Chumash.  No Hebrew reading background necessary. 

“Anyone can read verses from the ‘Bible’; it is only with the insights of the Talmud and traditional Jewish Commentaries that one is able to learn TORAH.”

(See this link to our Siyum, the celebration of the completion of an 11-year study of the Torah.) 

Wednesday evenings at 8 pm.  Refreshments served. 

Go to the Main Entrance at FountainView and ask at the Front Desk for directions to the Private Dining Room.

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