A Torah Day at FountainView

8:20 –  Shacharis –  Nusach Ashkenaz.  Davening is at a “retiree’s pace;” no one is rushing to run to their job!  After Davening, Rabbi Seplowitz delivers a Dvar Halacha, usually pertaining to Davening, or an upcoming Yom Tov or other timely event.

3:15 –  Mincha- Followed by Mishnah Berurah

7:00– Maariv –  Followed by Mishnah Berurah

Monday – Thursday  Agra D’Pirka – The Morning Kollel  SHihrim from 9:30 – 11:30

Monday 11 am  Chumash class

Thursday 3:40  Pirkei Avos

Community Chumash Class —  Rabbi Seplowitz delivers a Bible Class that is open to members of the community.  A thought-provoking and challanging analysis of the Torah and its applications to life.

See this link to our Siyum, the celebration of the completion of an 11-year study of the Torah.

Wednesday Evenings at 8 pm


In the Spring and Summer months, FountainView makes an early Kabbolas Shabbos.  Friday Mincha is before Plag HaMincha, with Hadlokas Neiros and Kabbolas Shabbos after the Plag.  In the Fall, after we change the clock, FountainView Davens Mincha 10 minutes before Shkiya.

Shabbos Shacharis is at 9:00, followed by Kiddush.  Rabbi Seplowitz delivers a Drasha before Mussaf.

Shalosh Seudos

In the winter months, Shalosh Seudos is between Mincha and Maariv.  In the summer months, it is served before Mincha.

Torah Talk

In addition to his Shabbos morning Drasha and Dvar Torah and Shalosh Seudos, Rabbi Seplowitz conducts Torah Talk, a 40 minute talk on the Parsha or other timely topic.  In the winter, Torah Talk takes place Friday night after the Seudah.  During the Spring and Summer months, Torah Talk is delivered  Shabbos afternoon between Mincha and Maariv.

Havdallah is 72 minutes after Shkiya.

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